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Model of organization, management and control - Italian Decree no. 231/01

In view of the increasing need to ensure conditions of transparency and fairness of all business activities, Relight developed and adopted an organizational, management and control mode, in compliance with the requirements of Legislative Decree no. 231/01.

The company defined its ethical code, in which the principles of fairness, and transparency were formalized.

To ensure the real application of the model and to verify the adequacy of the protocols, Relight also appointed a Supervisory Board pursuant who collects external reporting at the following channels:

• Mail:


• Postal mail:

supervisory Board c / o Relight LTD - Via Lainate 98/100 - 20017 RHO (MI)

Download the ethical code of Relight

Download asynthesis of the 231/01 model

Relight was founded in 1999 by a cooperation project with Philips to create a network for the collection and recovery of fluorescent lamps in Italy.

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