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Women and Technologies

Women feed and save the planet!
On November 5, 2013, Milan will host the sixth edition of the international Women & Technologies ®, created and organized by the Women and Technology Institution. Nutrition and its interconnections with health, sustainability and innovation were the object of the meeting.

Nutrition and health, nutrition and sustainability, power and innovation  are the "thematic duets" of  the conference key. Women & Technologies Institute takes an important role in the preparatory of  initiatives of Expo 2015,  with the support of the Lombardy Region, the Province of Milan, Milan City Council, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Environment, as well as the support of the President of the Italian Republic.

The main aim of the event is to provide a holistic view of the new frontiers and challenges for the development of sustainable research in the various fields related to food.  
Gianna Martinengo, the creator and chairperson of  Conference says that: "Women & Technologies Institution has two main topics of discussion: first, the increase of individual awareness for those issues related to the preservation of the planet and the future of the new generations; secondly, the spread out of specific contribution of women in this area”.

This last statement is confirmed by the Women & Technology Award, presented at the end of the conference, where the following categories are considered: Women Health, Women Sustainability, Women Innovation, Women Media, Women Territory, Women CEO, Women Future, Special Europe Award. The Prize is given to those women that have testified the possession of transparency in behavior and ethics in research, innovation and enterprise. 

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