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Partnership between High school “Rebora” and Relight

Four students of the High School “Rebora” (Rho) joined  the project" Alternanza Scuola-Lavoro” sponsored by the Ministry of Education, from 8 to 12 June 2015 . The aim of the collaboration was to catalogue the vintage objects housed in the company. Relight thanks the headmaster and the teachers of the school for the collaboration, and the students who showed a great commitment and interest in the project.

WP 20150612 001
     The students: Ambrogio, Mariagrazia , Alice and Sofia.

WP 20150616 001

                Radio Zephyr 4 della Voxson (1964).

Relight was founded in 1999 by a cooperation project with Philips to create a network for the collection and recovery of fluorescent lamps in Italy.

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